Resources, information and support for people giving their time to support our work.

Resources and Guidance for Volunteers

Essential information that all volunteers need to know, linked to our policies, guidance and learning and development. Includes guidance to support volunteers to always be safe and legally compliant when supporting the work of Macmillan. You will be able to get supporting information if you go through the volunteer induction process and attend ongoing training.

Volunteer handbook

(coming soon)

Health and Safety

Explains our approach to reducing risks and examples of how volunteers can keep themselves and others safe.


Volunteer Problem Solving Guidance

What you should do and expect if you have a problem with your volunteer role.


Keeping Data Safe

We are legally bound to treat information about living people in a certain way, to protect their privacy and respect their choices. This provides information and tips that all volunteers need to know about and supports the online training course called Keeping Data Safe.


Cash handling essentials for volunteers

While you are volunteering with Macmillan you may have to handle cash, cheques or other donations. This short guide explains some of our rules around cash handling and our expectations if a member of the public gives you money to pass on to Macmillan.


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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Volunteering Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Complaints Policy

Safe driving Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Macmillan Funded Courses

In addition to the resources available online, our geographical L&D teams also provide free face to face courses and events on a more local level.

Whilst we are more than happy for you to attend courses that are outside your geographical area, as a charity, we wouldn't be able to contribute towards any travel or expenses associated with attending our free courses.

To enquire about course places, email your local L&D team who will be happy to answer any questions about the events.


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New resources for volunteers

Learn Zone is growing all the time. Here are the newest resources for volunteers.