25 stacks

Stacks are collections of related resources, grouped by subject or theme.
Working through a stack of resources provides a wealth of information on a particular topic.

Cancer and the Financial Sector

The impact of cancer on your customers and colleagues and how to signpost them to specialist teams.

Cancer and work

The impact of cancer in the workplace on employees, colleagues and employers.

Cancer Support Courses

All current Cancer Support Courses running across the UK.

Consequences of Treatment

For professionals supporting people with the consequences of cancer and it's treatment.

Employer e-learning

Resources for Line Managers HR and OH professionals to support employees affected by cancer.

Essential learning for Volunteers

Key information and skills development for all volunteers.

Getting involved

Your experience with cancer may have inspired you to take action and to help others.

Helping yourself

Learning more about how to manage the day-to-day impact of living with cancer.

Information and Support Services

Resources for cancer information and support service managers, staff and volunteers.

Leadership & Management

Bringing together the best leadership and management thinking in the world.

Macmillan Explore

The Macmillan Explore programme of courses for professionals with an interest in specialist cancer practice.

Northern Ireland Groups

Groups and Communities for Professionals in Northern Ireland.

Physical Activity

Understanding the relationship between physical activity and cancer.

Practice Nurse Course

All Practice Nurse Course related resources.

Professional Development

Improving your skills, using good practice and developing your role.

Resources For Complex Case Managers

Useful resources for professionals in complex case management roles.

Resources for GPs

A collection of useful tool for GPs. Everything you need to help you in your role.

Resources for Primary Care & Community Care Nurses

Everything you need to get started in the role.

Resources for Support Workers

Useful resources for professionals in Support Worker roles.

Role Specific Learning for Volunteers

Useful development for specific volunteer roles and activities.

Supporting others

Supporting people affected by cancer through volunteering, self help and support groups.

Understanding Healthwatch

Resources to introduce you to Healthwatch and suggest how you can get involved.

Volunteering for Macmillan

Helpful resources for those volunteering for Macmillan or thinking of doing so.

Welcome, Professional

Everything a new Macmillan Professional needs to get started in their role.

Welcome, Volunteer

Everything a new volunteer needs to know.