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New resources for professionals

Learn Zone is growing all the time. Here are the newest resources for health and social care professionals.

Influencing Commissioning

  • Public
  • Professionals
Format: external service

Supporting the public in getting involved in influencing commissioning.

Acute Oncology

  • Professionals
Format: Online

This new e-learning course is an introduction to Adult Acute Oncology Services.

3D Cassius

  • Professionals
Format: Video

Cassius is a 3D video resource designed for lymphoedema education programmes.

Conferences & Events

Learning and Development events, including face-to-face events in local regions and across the UK.

Learning and Development Grants

Macmillan provides individual and group grants to support the learning and career development of both Macmillan professionals and the wider cancer workforce.

More information for professionals

More general information and resources for professionals can be found on Macmillan's main website, including:

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