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Macmillan Funded Courses

In addition to the resources available online, our geographical L&D teams also provide free face to face courses and events on a more local level. Please find links below to the regional prospectuses that you can download as a PDF file or browse online.

To enquire about course places, email your local L&D team who will be happy to answer any questions about the events.

Whilst we are more than happy for you to attend courses that are outside your geographical area, as a charity, we wouldn't be able to contribute towards any travel or expenses associated with attending our free courses.

New resources

Learn Zone is growing all the time. Here are the newest resources for members of the public.

Featured Stacks

Stacks are collections of related resources, grouped by a subject or theme. Working through a stack provides a wealth of information on a particular topic.

Helping yourself

Learning more about how to manage the day-to-day impact of living with cancer.

Supporting others

Supporting people affected by cancer through volunteering, self help and support groups.

Getting involved

Your experience with cancer may have inspired you to take action and to help others.


Cancer Support Course

If you're already enrolled on a Cancer Support Course, access your course material and manage your project.