Communication Skills (foundation)

Course ID: 338

Suitable for: Macmillan Professionals

Duration: 1 day
Format: Face-to-Face
Level: Foundation
Focusing on core knowledge and skills, and looking at how to apply some of the learning in your workplace.

The changing cancer environment
We offer an array of fundamental courses that will help you negotiate difficult situations and improve your understanding of cancer care's ever-changing landscape.

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Learn an evidence-based approach which is designed to enhance your skills of communicating effectively with people affected by cancer.

Course objectives

You will get plenty of opportunities to practice the things you learn in a safe and supportive environment. The day will cover:

  • The fear of saying the wrong thing
  • Fear of personal communication causing further upset or distress
  • Ensuring you get the information you need for your job/role
  • Dealing with your own emotions when you feel that the communication has caused you, as the professional/senior volunteer a degree of personal stress

Course Audience

Macmillan professionals and senior Macmillan volunteers i.e. people who have been volunteering for a minimum of 18 months. There will be a maximum of 12 people on each of the events.

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This course is only available to Macmillan Professionals and senior Macmillan volunteers.

Although Macmillan Cancer Support will not charge for this event, please bear in mind that the charity incurs charges for cancellations and no-shows. Please seek permission to attend from your line manager or team if necessary before submitting your form.

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