Cancer in the workplace: Managers

Course ID: 33

Suitable for: Macmillan Professionals

Duration: 1 hour 40
Format: E-Learning
Level: Foundation
Focusing on core knowledge and skills, and looking at how to apply some of the learning in your workplace.

Living with the impact of cancer
Equip yourself with the vital skills you need to strengthen your relationships with people living with or beyond cancer and help them to self-manage more effectively.

Please Note: Due to changes in legislation and best practice, some material on this course may be out-of-date. An update is in progress to correct any issues. In the meantime, please keep this in mind when using the resource.

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Helping line managers support people affected by cancer in the workplace.

The course is aimed at employers, managers or those working in occupational health or human resources.

Course Units

  • Breaking the news
  • Confidentiality and colleagues
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Supporting carers
  • Supporting a return to work

Each unit contains exercises designed to help you think about the issues from a variety of angles. We offer practical advice and perspectives from people who have experienced these issues.

Learning objectives

  • Explore some of the issues you might face if someone you manage is diagnosed with cancer, or is affected by cancer
  • Gain an overview of the law in relation to cancer in the workplace
  • Identify appropriate ways to respond to an employee who has received a cancer diagnosis, or is caring for someone with cancer
  • Find further sources of information and support