Emotional wellbeing

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Suitable for: Macmillan Professionals

Duration: 1 day
Format: Face-to-Face
Level: Foundation
Focusing on core knowledge and skills, and looking at how to apply some of the learning in your workplace.

Well-being and emotional resilience
From practicing mindfulness to developing strategies that combat stress and support wellbeing, these courses will enable you to look after yourself and others.

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Open to any Macmillan professional who is ready to commit to enhance their wellbeing and self-care to enable them to flourish in their personal and professional life.


This course will enable you to take fuller control of your own wellbeing in response to the demands of life and work. You will identify with and explore seven core principles needed to:

  • enhance your personal insight and wisdom;
  • maintain emotional regulation;
  • achieve and maintain personal flourishing You will learn how to integrate strategies into your every day life to stay well and flourish. This course draws from evolutionary, neuroscience and social psychological perspectives, whilst borrowing from Buddhist philosophy.


Learning Outcomes

  • Identify with negative and positive energies and their impacts on performance, relating, connectedness and resilience;
  • Identify with emotional regulation systems of the brain and how to activate regulation to improve quality of life;
  • Experience calm mind through mindfulness strategies and practice;
  • Identify strategies for engaging the parasympathetic nervous system for rapid and sustained emotional regulation
  • Identify the importance of ‘deplete-replenish’ and ways of mastering this process in day-to-day living
  • Plan your approach to improved resilience and personal flourishing

Course objectives

  • Identify the unconscious processes that develop stress responses to life events.
  • Identify the coping strategies that perpetuate stress responses.
  • Explore a range of approaches for continuing to develop self-insight and to regulate emotional wellbeing.

The day will consist of a mix of presentations, facilitated discussions and sensitive experiential activities, working in pairs.

Course Audience

Any Macmillan professional wishing to develop a deeper insight into emotional and psychological stress.

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