Cancer in the workplace for Managers

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Suitable for:

  • Public
  • Staff
  • Professionals
  • Macmillan Professionals

Format: E-Learning

Helping line managers support people affected by cancer in the workplace.

The course is aimed at employers, managers, human resources or those working in occupational health.

Course Units

  • First conversations and breaking the news
  • Confidentiality and communication
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Supporting carers
  • Supporting a return to work

Each unit contains exercises designed to help you think about the issues from a variety of angles. We offer practical advice and perspectives from people who have experienced these issues.

Learning objectives

  • Explore some of the issues you might face if someone you manage is diagnosed with cancer, or is affected by cancer
  • Gain an overview of the law in relation to cancer in the workplace
  • Identify appropriate ways to respond to an employee who has received a cancer diagnosis, or is caring for someone with cancer
  • Find further sources of information and support

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