Cancer Awareness

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Suitable for:

  • Public
  • Volunteers
  • Professionals
  • Macmillan Professionals

Format: E-Learning

An overview and introduction to cancer awareness, living with and beyond cancer and End of Life and Palliative Care.

This e-learning programme is for anyone who would like to improve their knowledge about cancer for their own learning and to help them to support others who are affected by cancer.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this Macmillan programme is to help support you to:

  • feel more confident in your knowledge about cancer to enable you to support others more effectively
  • define cancer and understand more about the biological nature of cancer
  • become more familiar with the signs and symptoms of cancer
  • gain a greater understanding of the cancer pathway, staging of cancer and treatments
  • consider issues and challenges for palliative and end of life care and bereavement
  • explore in more depth the changing needs of the increasing number of people living with cancer


The course modules include:

  1. The Nature of Cancer
  2. Cancer Prevention and Early Detection
  3. Staging and investigation
  4. Treatments
  5. Palliative and End of Life care and Bereavement
  6. Living with and Beyond Cancer

The modules can be done in any order, as standalone or as a complete course.

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