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Coaching support for Macmillan Professionals across all roles, grades and levels.

Macmillan provides a substantial one-to-one coaching programme for Professionals at all levels and across all roles who have been in a Macmillan post for a minimum of six months. The coaching, delivered by our external expert coaches, will support your role, service and personal development and help you to meet your work challenges.

Watch Tania's video to hear about the coaching programme in action and how it can be a powerful way of supporting learning in the workplace, with its focus on the individual Professional.

The Coaching information pack tells you all you need to know about the programme and how it works in practice - see the link below.

How to Apply for Coaching

  1. Download the Application Form.
  2. Be clear about why you are ready for coaching and how it will help you to meet your learning and development needs. Make sure you have discussed and agreed with your line manager your participation in the programme.
  3. Complete fully the application form and e-mail it to the Macmillan coaching team at We will respond to you within five working days with the outcome of your application and what you need to do next.

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