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A tool to show you all the ways you can get involved in improving cancer services.

There's no right or wrong way to start getting involved.

About the tool

The tool visualises all the ways that you can give your time and get involved with improving cancer services. It's a way of grouping all resources and showing how they work together.

How to use it

  • You can zoom in and out for more or less detail.
  • The green nodes are good starting points, with relevant lines branching off them.
  • The lines are coloured to represent the kind of organisations on them.
  • The stops on each line are actions you can take, or helpful organisations.
  • Click on the each node or stop to get more information.
  • Hide or show individual lines by clicking their names in the key on the right.

For example, everything on a green line is where Macmillan Cancer Support is involved. This is where you can give your time or get involved in improving cancer services. Everything on a blue line is where the National Health Service runs a service you can get involved in improving. Where there are two lines in parallel, this means both those kinds of organisations are involved.

Please note that this version is for England only. Versions for other nations in the UK are in development.

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