Introduction to cancer

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Please Note: Due to changes in legislation, some references to specific Acts may be out-of-date. An update is in progress to correct any issues, but in the meantime, please keep this in mind when using the resource.

Increase your basic understanding of cancer and how it can affect people's lives.

The course explores questions such as:

  • What is cancer?
  • How does diagnosis and treatment work?
  • What is the financial, practical and emotional impact?

Course Modules

  • First of all - test your existing knowledge and what you want from the course
  • What is cancer? What cancer is and how it behaves and develops.
  • Recognition, diagnosis and treatment. The cancer journey, from warning signs through to diagnosis, treatment and palliative care.
  • The impact of living with cancer. How cancer affects people's lives and those caring for them: their relationships, employment and lifestyle.
  • Case Study: meet Anita and follow her account of her cancer journey.
  • Resources


This course is generously supported by The Bonita Trust. Working for the benefit of the community.

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