Labour's NHS shame exposed

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Mail investigation reveals meltdown in Labour-run Welsh NHS with police probing allegations of horrifying neglect.

Health campaigners demand a full-scale enquiry in to the meltdown of a Labour run Welsh NHS. Cases of patients dying on waiting lists, having to come to England for treatments, and neglect of patients have been uncovered. Families of loved ones say that the situation is worse than Mid Staffordshire.

The British Medical Association has previously warned that the NHS in Wales was facing an 'imminent meltdown' and called for an independent investigation. Bruce Keogh, Medical Director for NHS England, has written to his Welsh counterpart to warn that six hospitals will be probed over 'persistently high' mortality rates.

3,295 surveys commissioned by the Welsh Conservatives were received, with a further 5,000 going out to homes. Key results from this research showed that 71% would back an independent enquiry, with an independent consultant describing the NHS as being 'on the verge of a third-world health service'.

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