Places available on new HOPE course

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Places are still available for the new HOPE course from Macmillan and Coventry University.

UPDATE: The HOPE course is now full. Thank you for your interest.

The e-learning version of the face-to-face HOPE course: Helping to Overcome Problems Effectively is launching soon and there are still some places available.

This new resource is designed to help you get more out of life.

Here is what people have said about their experience of taking part in HOPE:

"To chat and laugh, and exchange worries and hopes, has been helpful. I certainly have a more positive outlook. Thank you for inviting me to take part."
(Cancer survivor)

"I attended just as I restarted work. The skills I learnt were things I already knew but the support and encouragement from the course leaders and other attendees were very important. I am very grateful to have been able to attend and hope it will be available to others. I would love to get back in touch with other participants, I still feel a bond."
(Cancer survivor)

"You feel you have helped somebody through what can be really difficult and dark times, and seeing them almost kind of flourish over the weeks. And I think for some people it's just the start, and that's kind of the kick start perhaps that they needed, and they've got further work to do, but yeah just a privilege really to be part of it."
(Cancer Nurse Specialist, facilitator)

"I found the goal setting helped participants to achieve what they wanted and to see that on their faces to be able to share and couple of them felt confident enough to share their embarrassing moments as well. The course gives people hope, that okay they've got this cancer in their life, but there are lots of other things to think about and move on."
(Cancer survivor, facilitator)

Find out more and join an online group of people living with and beyond cancer:

Helping to Overcome Problems Effectively (HOPE)