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Develop your core skills as a Macmillan professional with this stack of resources

We want you to get the most out of your new role as a Macmillan professional, so we've gathered the information you need in Welcome, Professional.

Moving from a generalist to a specialist

Introduction to cancer will develop your basic knowledge to prepare you for your specialist role. The interactive style is easy to use and because it's elearning rather than face-to-face, you can access it any time you're at a computer. The role development road map gives you the tools to improve your competencies. It draws on material from Macmillan and external providers. Plus find out about Setting out, the face-to-face course for all new Macmillan professionals.

Providing support

As a Macmillan professional, you may be talking to patients about much more than their medical condition. Benefits awareness and Information giving show you how to support by signposting in areas where you are not an expert. SAGE & THYME workshops offer a dynamic way of improving your listening and responding skills while empowering the patient.

Networking and career development

We've included a link to Conferences and events for professionals and to the new Learning and development grants website, where you can apply for funding to attend an event or training course. You'll find information about progressing your career and choosing what to study. Discover CHAIN, a network of 12,000 professionals covering health, social care, education, research and management.

Take a look at what's on offer to support you in your role: Welcome, Professional.