Updated Professionals page

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We've added some new features to our page dedicated to health and social care professionals.

The Learn Zone team have re-designed the Professionals page to reflect new features and to better support health and social care professionals in their learning and development.

The usual tools are there, now specifically targeted at professionals:

  • Latest resources
  • Search box that filters results for professionals
  • Links to other resources and sources of information

Our newest feature is:


Stacks are collections of related resources, grouped by subject or theme. Working through a stack of resources provides a wealth of information on a particular topic and helps users discover other areas of learning.

Stacks are also available in the search feature on the Resources page and can be searched for, just like resources.

General information

General information for health and social care professionals can be found on Macmillan's main website. Learn Zone is the go-to place for all learning and development needs.

Give it a spin

Try the new page; take a look at the stacks and give the resources a go. Let us know what you think and what we can do to improve it.

Professionals on Learn Zone