New user feedback forms

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Gathering feedback from your service users is essential for evaluating the impact of your service and provides important findings that can be shared with managers and funders.

Understanding how effective your service is supports you to continually improve the experiences of the people who use your service.

Evaluation doesn't have to be complex and these simple feedback forms have been designed to support the collection of feedback from all service users including those who may not leave their contact details or be likely to return to your service.

The key to good evaluation is to collect valid, relevant information in an open unbiased and systematic way.

Before introducing feedback forms to your service it is essential that you seek the appropriate permissions within your organisation, and remember to include your evaluation process in your operational policy.

For further guidance in capturing and analysing your feedback please refer to the self-evaluation guide (LearnZone account required).

The documents are available to download as PDFs with space to include your service contact details or can be ordered in batches of 100 from Be.Macmillan.