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A big part of learning is the sharing of knowledge, so here are some important links shared by a LearnZone user.

Macmillan does not generally focus on the prevention agenda, as this is the aim of and very well covered by other organisations, such as Cancer Research UK. However, we do recognise that this is a fundamental part of improving the outcomes for people affected by cancer and want to support it in any way we can.

We therefore want to share some links to organisations that are working in the prevention arena in other countries, recommended by a LearnZone user, that may help with your work.

The LearnZone user, Alice says

"I volunteered with two organizations last year that I think would be useful for people to know about:, who help communities around the world become smoke-free and healthy, and the American Cancer Society, who also promote health through education and awareness. They're both really great organizations dedicated to the community."