About LearnZone T

LearnZone provides free and easy access to a wide variety of learning resources, online courses and professional development tools from Macmillan Cancer Support.

LearnZone is available anytime, anywhere and brings people together in an online space to share ideas, issues and resources.

Since its launch in June 2007, LearnZone has proven popular with Macmillan Professionals, members of the public and Macmillan Staff. Almost a year after its launch it reached its target of 3,000 members, nearly six months ahead of its December 2008 deadline.

Courses, Groups and Communities of Practice

Resource Cards are the name we've given the individual little boxes that represent each resource on LearnZone. You see them whenever you do a search or view a particular audience's resources. On the home page (LearnZone.org.uk), you'll notice that the three latest resources are listed as these cards.

These cards contain a number of details that help visitors to determine if the resource is suitable for them. Each card consists of a title, a target audience, a format type (which could be: online course, toolkit, face-to-face course, etc.), a short description and a link, along with the title, that takes you to the full Resource page that explains more about that particular resource.

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Stacks are collections of related resources, grouped by a subject or theme. Working through a stack of resources provides a wealth of information on a particular topic and is a good way of starting your e-learning journey.

At the bottom of most resource pages, you'll find a list of Stacks that the resource is included in. Browsing these stacks can present you with related resources that might be just what you're looking for.

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