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Specialised support and guidance for Information and Support Professionals to ensure your service is effective and supports people affected by cancer.

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Supporting you with the Macmillan Quality in Information and Support Services (MQuISS®) standards. A one-stop-shop of information, guidance and other resources.

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Individual and group grants to support the learning and career development of both Macmillan professionals and the wider cancer workforce.


Responding to questions about Macmillan's fundraising practices

Information for professionals on answering questions from the public regarding the recent publicity about fundraising practices by a number of leading charities.

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Making a Poster for a Conference

Fiona Whyte, Senior Learning & Development Manager, takes you through the pros and cons of creating a poster presentation for a conference or event.

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Community of Practice in Palliative and End of Life Care in Prisons

Are you a Macmillan palliative care specialist nurse or doctor in-reaching at a prison or secure premises? Or do you want to set up a specialist palliative care in-reach service for prisons or secure premises?

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External Resource

Web directory of information materials for people affected by cancer

The web directory of resources for people affected by cancer is updated daily and currently has details of over 2,000 booklets, leaflets, books and audio-visual materials published by cancer charities (including Macmillan Cancer Support), government departments and commercial publishers. Most were published in the last five years, but we have included some older resources that are still useful.

You can search by any word in the record, including author, publisher, title and subject keywords, and MAC code. There are links from the MAC code to the relevant page on Be.mac, to help you order Macmillan publications. There are also links to the full document (where available) and, for books, to the reviews written by Macmillan volunteers. For more information, e-mail Sue Hawkins.

Visit the Directory

If you would like access to the main database that supports the web directory, please e-mail Sue Hawkins to request a user login. This database has over 5,200 records, including resources that are more than five years old, out of print, or that do not have a publication date. You can search it as a guest user but the results will be the same as the web directory so we recommend a user login.


Stacks are collections of related resources. Working through a stack provides a wealth of information on a particular topic.
The ones provided here cover everything cancer information and support service managers, staff and volunteers might need.