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We often hear that you're proud of your work with Macmillan and would like to stay involved after your role ends. Now there's an easy way to do just that: our new Macmillan Alumni programme exclusively for previous Macmillan professionals.

What is Macmillan Alumni?

Whether you've moved on to a different role or retired, Macmillan Alumni is a great opportunity to network with other cancer and palliative care professionals from across the UK and to share your knowledge and experience.

At the same time, it allows you to stay in touch and maintain your relationship with Macmillan. By spreading our messages and providing us with valuable insights, you can continue to have a huge impact on our work for people affected by cancer.

How does it work?

The Macmillan Alumni programme is open to anyone who's leaving a Macmillan post or who has previously held one.

Simply pass on your details, including your e-mail address, to your local Macmillan Development Manager. Or e-mail the Macmillan Alumni team at


Responding to questions about Macmillan's fundraising practices

Information for professionals on answering questions from the public regarding the recent publicity about fundraising practices by a number of leading charities.

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Making a Poster for a Conference

Fiona Whyte, Senior Learning & Development Manager, takes you through the pros and cons of creating a poster presentation for a conference or event.

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Community of Practice in Palliative and End of Life Care in Prisons

Are you a Macmillan palliative care specialist nurse or doctor in-reaching at a prison or secure premises? Or do you want to set up a specialist palliative care in-reach service for prisons or secure premises?

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New resources for professionals

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Format: E-Learning

All the resources, downloads and material for students of the Practice Nurse Cancer course in Scotland, 2017.

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Format: blended

An introduction to cancer which will help prepare practice nurses for their future involvement in cancer care within general practice.

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Format: E-Learning

Key information about the Recovery Package for health and social care professionals.

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Format: Group

Resources and downloads for Northern Ireland Macmillan events.

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